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Christopher 2“Operation Education” began when Disciplers International made a commitment to fund the first semester of college for Patrick Readson in Blantyre, Malawi.  Patrick, and six members of his household now have sponsors providing the means for each one of them to receive a quality education leading to bright futures.  Dawn and I are sponsoring Christopher and Edward.  What follows is a thank you letter from Christopher, unedited (English is his second language).  He prefers to address us as Mum & Dad, and we’re touched by what Christopher wrote.  I think you’ll be touched, too.  It’s why we do what we do…

I am Christopher Nankhonya from Malawi.  I am 22 years old, I born in a family of eight children, and I am a last born.  I stay with Mervis and Patrick as my guardian.  Mervis is my sister while Patrick is her husband.  So Mervis and Patrick was the one helping me by providing school fees at secondary level.  I finish secondary school level in 2013. Then I wait for the results, the good thing was that I passed, I was happy together with Mervis and Patrick and the whole Family.  The next thing to happen after the results is to continue my studies at university level, but Mervis and Patrick could not help me to continue because of lack of money. I feel pain when I see my friends continue their studies while I was just staying home, but helping Mervis and Patrick’s Children, carrying them going and back from school.  Most of the time I was just crying because I was not able to see a bright future for me.  But although I was thinking about many things, I was praying to God to change my situation.

Christopher 1It was last year (2014), that you Dad (Bart) and Michael came here to see Patrick and Mervis. When you come, you met me and ask me what I was doing, what I want to study. When you hear my story, you were touched and interested, then you said to me that you will see what you can do, and also you say that I must wait until it is okay with you, then I answer, okay Dad. The day you were leaving here in Malawi, you also say the same words that I must wait, and then I answer you, okay Dad. The next time you repeat that words, I started thinking that you are serious because the first time I was thinking that you was joking.  This year (2015), one day Patrick say to me that tomorrow, Mervis will be looking for your school, when I hear that, I was thinking he was joking, then Mervis send names of those school to you.  Then you answer that I must be ready to come back to school, I tell Patrick that you and Mervis, you are joking, then they say we are not joking, we are serious just be ready, I said okay I will be waiting. Then time comes closer to start school, Mervis say you must apply for a place. When I apply they offered me a place. When I hear this, I was so happy, until I start school up to now. It was indeed a Miracle because it was not what I was expecting.

I am studying Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at Exploits University. I learn five subjects, as follows: Business Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Micro Economics, Communication studies and HIV/Aids. My favorite subject is Business Mathematics. My life at school is good, and I am enjoying.  My performance at school is good, I pass with good grades, and almost every one at my class fears me.  My life now is good, the crying, the sadness, and the hopelessness now it’s over. I spend most of my time reading and writing the assignment.  My Goal when I finish school is to open my own company, so that I can provide jobs to my fellow Malawians.

To you Mum and Dad. I am thanking you all for your support, care and your love.  Is not easy to help someone who is not your relative, and also who is from a foreign country. Dad and Mum I am proud of you.  May God bless you more, gave you power to conquer your enemy, be always on your side, and gave you long life so that you can see my fruits I am going to bear when I finish school. Please Dad and Mum continue doing this to other people also.  I was nothing before, but because of your help, I am someone respectful now.  Dad and Mum you changed my history, I love you, and I will keep loving you.

Submitted by Christopher Nankhonya


  1. Tawona says:

    Beautiful! Changing his history and that of his family for generations to come! Blessings!

  2. Sarah says:

    That’s awesome! I love it.

  3. Peter says:

    God is still saying something through all of us continue touching souls for His Glory.

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