Whistle While You Work…

When I (Micheal Weiss, Disciplers International Mission Director) first met Edward over 5 years ago it was instantly obvious that he loved working with his hands and longed to be a plumber, or as it is pronounced in Malawi – Plum Ber.  Since our first meeting I’ve enjoyed hearing what he is learning, and had the opportunity on one occasion to go with him to his trade school.  If Edward knew the song “Whistle While You Work” he would be whistling all day long.  What follows is Edward’s account of his current experiences and future hopes…

My name is Edward Readson.  I was born in the family of 8 (6 girls, 2 boys), and am writing from Malawi in Africa to report about the school trip I had to Salima, where I was connecting pipes of different sizes as part of my four-year technical education to be a commercial plumber/pipe fitter.  It was a very practical experience, because each person was required to connect pipes without using notes, so what I had studied in the classroom was put to the test!

After I finish technical school in December this year, I plan to work with my brother, Patrick Readson, and brother-in-law, Christopher Nankhonya.  Disciplers International is funding their educations as well, along with other members of the Readson household.  Eight of us live under one roof, and we are committed to working and serving in business and ministry together.

This is all possible only because we are fully supported by those who donate to the ministries of Disciplers International.  I am blessed to have a couple from the U.S. providing my educational expenses and making sure that my studies are going well.  With their help, I have come a very long way since the first Disciplers in Action story – Edward the Plumber (to be!) – which was written about me in 2015!

I am very thankful to God and many His blessings, which have no limit or boundary.  My parents could not provide for my education, but God is making it happen through very generous donors and the mission work of Disciplers International.  I also thank my sister, Mervis Readson, who serves as “Madam Director” of Disciplers International in Malawi.  Mervis makes sure that each family member in school gets all the support needed, such as transportation, accommodations and counseling.  As leaders of the Readson household, both Patrick and Mervis are a big part of my success, because they provide the personal support I need to do my best in school.  Thanks to them; thanks to Disciplers International, and thanks especially to God!

Submitted by Edward Readson, Malawi, Africa

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