Patrick’s Vision for 2018 and beyond…

As we begin a new year, let us not take for granted the many opportunities we have in America to achieve our dreams by getting a good education that leads to good jobs and a bright future.  Such is not the case in many countries of the world, like Malawi, Africa.  What follows is the vision of Patrick Readson, a young man with tremendous potential, but very little opportunity until he connected with me (Bart Physioc) and Michael Weiss from an internet cafe six years ago.  Now, just months away from a college degree, thanks to donors and ministry initiatives of Disciplers International, Patrick has a Vision for 2018 and beyond….


I envision all children in Malawi receiving a good public education through High School, and many getting a higher level education, enabling our beautiful country to thrive rather than just barely survive. Few Malawians complete High School, and most only finish 6th grade due to poverty and lack of nearby schools.

My country is rich in resources, but one of the poorest nations in the world.  Innovation, change and a brighter future is only an education away, but this requires leadership and funding for all levels of education, both public and private.  80% of children in districts of Malawi do not have access to good education.  Parents don’t own cars, and schools don’t provide transportation.  All of this promotes poverty and a lack of development.  My vision includes assisting parents in their efforts to encourage children to work hard in school, and have hope for the future.  Education will abolish poverty when young people finish school, get good jobs and contribute to the development of my country.  We are poor today, but that does not mean we must remain poor.

I also want to work with those who can’t speak in their own defense concerning education, and also employment.  I will help people in villages improve their lives by using local materials and role models with different abilities to inspire children, and give them a desire for education.  Many parents do not encourage their children to go to school, so I will mobilize village chiefs and gate keepers to work together on this issue.

My major is in Community Development, because I want to do all I can to help my country develop and prosper.  When I finish my Bachelor’s Degree in in June 2018, I am going to help our government move our education system forward, so that every Malawian child can have the same opportunity for a bright future as I have been given.  I went to High School, and am now in College because others helped me. I want to help others as well.

May the good Lord bless you all,

Patrick Readson, Blantyre, Malawi


  1. Peet Proctor says:

    Bart, Michael, Happy New Year! I have been watching MSNBC Of late and learned of a UNICEF K.I.N.D. Project that provides desk to Malawi students. Lawrence O’Donnell, a newscaster on MSNBC is spearheading this effort. Perhaps Patrick can seek som help from this project.

    Yours In Christ

  2. Bart Physioc says:

    That would be a great opportunity, Peet. How should I advise Patrick to follow-up?

  3. Hawthorne L Proctor says:

    Bart, let me do a little research to see if I am able to link Patrick up with the in country

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