Mervis ReadsonMervis Readson is someone you would like immediately.  Besides being a very nice person, Mervis is a devoted wife and mother with a sharp mind, a quick wit and an innate ability to manage people and programs.  Just before leaving Malawi, I asked Mervis to share with me her dream for the future.  I was impressed by what she said then, and by how her vision has developed since then.   I think you will be impressed, too.  From Mervis….

I want to offer a promising future to children in Malawi by providing them with quality education.  Many Malawians do not know how to read or write, which is a big reason why my country remains poor.  Children living in villages are most affected by the terrible effects of HIV/AIDS, malaria and poor sanitation.  Many others have been orphaned or have parents who cannot properly care for them due to illness or unemployment.  The standard of education for government schools in Malawi is very low.  Private schools provide a high standard, but few can go because they cannot afford tuition.  In my vision, I want to find ways to offer private primary education to families in need at the lowest possible cost.  But that’s not all…

I also want to help Malawians develop entrepreneurial skills, provide them with some capital, and help them start small-scale businesses that meet their needs, and family needs also.Mervis and Me

Since my week-long visit to Malawi last year, I have been meeting each week via Skype with Mervis and her husband, Patrick.  Besides taking both of them through the 8-Step Discipling Process offered by Disciplers International Inc.  I have spent much time with Mervis talking about how to make her dream a reality.  Operation Education is the result of our conversations, and we are excited to see how this ministry is already addressing needs.  However, good programs can only succeed with good leadership, so I needed to appoint a capable leader to manage Operation Education in Malawi.  Without hesitation, I chose Mervis to manage this ministry under my direct supervision, and to come up with a title on her own, which she did immediately and very enthusiastically – Madam Director of Operation Education, Malawi.  Perfect, don’t you think?

Mervis and FamilyWhat follows is some background information about Mervis, in her own words…. I am 32 years old, the fourth daughter in a family of seven children.  I attended Primary School in my home village and High School in Phalombe.  My father is with Jesus and my mother is living with HIV/AIDS; she is on treatment receiving ARVS.  I am born-again, having received Jesus as my personal Savior in 1997 when I was attending Primary School – Class 5.  Since then I have been an active and dedicated Christian, who loves to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am happily married to Pastor Patrick Readson, who loves me a lot.  We are blessed with two beautiful children: a girl (Esther) and a boy (Joel).   In addition to my two lovely children, four other relatives live in my house: sister-in-law (Triza); brother-in-law (Edward), brother (Christopher); my sister’s daughter (Gloria), whose mother passed away in 2006.  I enjoy being a pastor’s wife who works hand-in-hand with my husband.  I preach, teach Sunday school and lead the women’s choir.  I love Jesus because He first loved me.

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