Edward’s Big Accomplishment

My name is Edward.  I am one member of the Readson Family who is happy today due to the support I have received for my education over the past few years.  I would like to report that I finished my 4-year Plumbing program at college, so now I am a Plumber qualified for commercial and residential jobs.

It was a long journey with a lot of research and hard studying – a very hectic period.  But I thank God that he has seen me through all the way up to this date.  Thanks very much to all who have been part of my success, especially donors.  You are such wonderful people!  God has trusted that you stood with me during my trip of Academics.  It was not possible without you, and it is good news for me, because you gave me your time, resources, prayers and all kinds of support, so I say thanks again.  To me, thank you is a great prayer to you, and it is from my heart, so I repeat my thanks for your love and support along my way.

What I’ve acquired will help me work everywhere, both in government or privately without any problem when hired.  Malawi is rich in natural resources, and needs skilled people.  I believe change will follow with the support you have given me for this education.  God bless you.


I am done with my studies, but what is required now is for me to have tool books and a plumbing kit box.  This will help me to work without any challenge.  When I shall have such a box, I will have everything I need to fix anything concerning plumbing work.  So, by the grace of God I need that tool box, because without it I’m like a soldier who’s ready for the fight, but has no gun.


Cerebrate with me that I have been called for an internship program with the Government Statutory Blantyre Water Board. This is the big company that supplies water in Blantyre city.  I went through their interview, and out of many candidates only a few were picked.  I happen to be one of them, and will be doing a 6-month internship. Glory to Jesus!  If my performance impresses them, I might be hired there.  I start my internship on 14 January 2019.  Glory to Jesus!

So, I will be looking for help with transport and lunch for this period of 6 months, and appreciate any assistance.  Thank you again!

Submitted by Edward Readson

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