Easter in Malawi

Since Disciplers International began supporting Patrick and Mervis Readson in Malawi almost three and a half years ago, the three small congregations they had planted at that time now number 25 churches spread over a large geographic area.  As you can imagine, in a poverty-stricken country like Malawi, funding for their annual Easter Conference is not possible without assistance.  Thanks to generous donors, the conference was a great success, as indicated by Patrick and Mervis in their story…

We would like to report about the precious Easter Conference in Mulanje, Malawi, which went well because of generous people involved with Disciplers International.  After fasting all week, we arrived at the location for our conference on Good Friday.  At midnight we started praying and waiting for people to arrive.  In all, 595 attended the conference, gathering from districts of Nsanje, Chikwaw, Phalombe, Mulanje, Thyolo and Blantyre in Malawi.  Most rode in vans and trucks of various sizes, but some walked long distances to be with us.  We even had 15 people traveling for 24 hours from our neighbor country of Mozambique.  Of the 25 churches we have started in various districts and two countries, members from 18 churches attended this important annual event.

Know Jesus was the title of our Easter Conference, and John 3:16 was the key verse.  Our focus was on the tribulations of our Lord Jesus Christ, and especially His resurrection on the third day.  Our hope was for people to know Jesus by receiving Him as their personal Savior, and to know what He went through for us to be saved. Salvation came to this world because Jesus died for us on the cross.

The conference went from Saturday through Sunday, and a big highlight was feasting on a bull, which we killed and prepared for a big meal.  The saints celebrated Jesus in bright colors and dancing with music.  We are very grateful for Disciplers International donors, who paid for the bull and all festivities.  The attendance was good, and the Holy Spirit was with us.

We say “Thank you Jesus” for a very successful Easter Conference this year, and we give Him the glory!  We also thank all who contribute to the mission work of Disciplers International, and we appreciate so much your faithful support of the ministry of Jesus here in Malawi.  Our Easter Conference could not have happened without your help – thank you and God bless you!

Submitted by Patrick & Mervis Readson


  1. Jan Pishny says:

    Loved the video and am thankful for your ministry, Disciplers International. Our Lord Jesus is worthy of all the praise!! Thank you for being one of Gods hands for this wonderful ministry in Malawi

  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks Jan,
    We are thankful for going through our story that we submitted to God be owner and glory
    Patrick and Mervis Malawi

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