The CONGO Connection

Flavien & HerboPastor Herbo and Brother Flavien are Africans from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where French is the official language.  Therefore, this story could also be called The FRENCH Connection!  These men, whom I never met before, contacted Disciplers International Inc. by email to express their interest in getting information on discipleship.  I responded to their request by sending them the 8-STEP Disciplers Guidebook and Disciples Workbook, and offering to disciple them via Skype.  Our weekly sessions were very interesting, to say the least, with me “meeting” with Pastor Herbo and Flavien from an internet café in their town of Goma.  Road noise and other café users created distractions, but not obstacles.  In fact, the challenging situation created an opportunity for those nearby to hear Pastor Herbo and Flavien quote the Prayer of Commitment and weekly memory verses, in English and French. Although we were on different continents separated by over 7000 miles and six time zones, the cost of each session was a mere $3 café fee, plus $5 to print the Workbook.  In the process, Flavien translated the Guidebook and Workbook into French, and both have arranged to translate the materials into Swahili.  Here’s the experience in their words…

Brother Flavien:  My time going through the 8-Step Discipling Process with Michael Weiss was fascinating!  I was blessed by the teachings and impressed by the love and willingness from Michael to lead and help us to complete all of our training in just eight weeks.  I have learned so much about how to become a mature Disciple of Jesus Christ by practicing the 5 Spiritual Disciplines.  I am now ready to be a faithful Discipler for Jesus by reproducing the 8-Step Process in others.  Through this experience I have gained a better understanding of Discipleship, and have a better method to make Disciples, with help from the Holy Spirit.

When I was saved I became a new creature in Christ, but after going through the 8-Step Discipleship Process I became a renewed creature by practicing the 5 Spiritual Disciplines.  My desire is to reproduce the 8-Step Process by discipling faithful men throughout the DR Congo, who will disciple others.  I am also using the steps in my sermons.

Pastor Herbo: The Prayer of Commitment has blessed me so much that I pray it everyday morning and evening with my family.  I also pray The Prayer in our church with fellow believers.  In the Devotional Guide I see the greatness of God and I use all the Scriptures relating to it in our church.  Knowing that I will receive all that I ask for in the Name of Jesus increases my faith.  In The Journey I learned that the problem in life is sin and that the wages of sin is death.  Knowing this makes me more aware of my sin.  The Judge/Justice illustrated the payment God made for my sins, which is Christ; I see that God offered His son, Jesus, so that I may be saved.  Knowing this helps me love Jesus even more, since He sacrificed Himself on my behalf.

I found the Disciples Workbook to be very helpful in my faith and work for the Kingdom of God, which has grown.  I praise God for His goodness in sending His servant, Michael Weiss, to disciple me.  The experience has greatly changed my life, and prepared me to make disciples.

Submitted by Michael Weiss


  1. Rod Ristow says:

    What a great testimony of discipleship! Blessed to hear how technology is being used to further the gospel.

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