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ChristpherSoon after meeting Christopher during my trip to Malawi, Africa, last year I asked him this question: “What do you hope for?”  Without hesitation, Christopher said, “I hope to get a college degree in Business Administration, and then start a business with the purpose of creating job opportunities for my fellow Malawians.”  I was impressed by the fact that his main interest is not simply to benefit himself, but to help others in his country, which is one of the poorest in the world.  In the conversation that followed, I discovered that Christopher has no money for college and, therefore, has no means to fulfill his dream.  My heart went out to him, because I think that everyone should have the same opportunities I had to realize their dreams.  I couldn’t realize mine without help from others, and neither can Christopher.  He did not appeal for any assistance, but I determined on my own at that moment to help Christopher get what he hopes for…

Christopher was born on December 10, 1992 into a family of seven children.  His father is deceased, and his mother is living with HIV/AIDS. Christopher comes from a small village where his parents worked the land.  They wanted him to get a good education, but were unable to help him advance beyond the public school system, which has a low standard of education.  Christopher worked hard enough to qualify for college, but was at a dead end without funds to go.  So, for the past five years he has been helping his sister and brother-in-law (Mervis & Patrick Readson) care for the needs of family members living under their roof.  With eight people in the Readson household, Christopher stays busy.  I noticed that he did anything asked of him, never complained, and always seemed to put the needs of others before his own.  When I think of Christopher, I think of what it means to be a willing servant.

Like any young man, Christopher has interests in life, which include listening to music and sports, especially watching and playing football (soccer).  Yet, at the top of his list is that desire to get a Business degree.  Before leaving Malawi, I told Christopher that I wanted to see him fulfill his dream, but that my organization, Disciplers International, must first focus on getting his brother-in-law, Patrick, started on his college degree.  He understood, and had no expectations.  I am thrilled to report that, since then, Disciplers International has found donors to sponsor Christopher, and all other members of the Readson household.

Additionally, we have appointed Patrick’s wife, Mervis, to direct “Operation Education” in Malawi so that members of other families in need may benefit in the same way.  Mervis has a heart for children in primary school, and since the public educational system in Malawi is so poor, she is looking for the best private schools available at the best price.  My job is to raise financial support, and to connect willing sponsors with children in Malawi.

Operation Education is an investment in the next generation by providing educational scholarships through sponsor/student relationships.  It’s a team effort.  If you want to on the team, just let me know –

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