What’s your favorite scheduled event in any given week?  Think about what you look forward to most, and what always leaves you wanting more.  For me, it’s my GET REAL group of guys.  The four of us started meeting just a few weeks ago, but have already become a close-knit band of brothers, in spite of the fact that the three men I invited didn’t know each other previously.  How can this be?  The answer is as simple as it is personal, purposeful and practical.

GET REAL was born out of a growing awareness that people in general, and men in particular (myself included), are looking for intimate relationships that are deep, personal and meaningful.  I’m not talking about physical intimacy, but spiritual intimacy.  In a nutshell, GET REAL is about getting real with God and one another in small groups (3 to 4, but no more).  Before kicking things off, I preached a sermon entitled IN-TO-ME-SEE to convey openly and dramatically the need I think all of us have for intimacy, both with God and one another.

I’d like to introduce you to the three guys in my GET REAL group (five GR groups are meeting at this point).  Lee is married with two small children, and lives in my apartment complex.  Lee is a Marine, who teaches Leadership to Midshipmen at the Naval Academy.  Jon is married with four children, and reported just six months ago to the Naval Academy, where he serves as a Battalion Chaplain.  Lee and Jon graduated from the academy where they now serve.  Rush is married with two children, and works as a business executive.  Rush served in combat as an Army officer previously.  Our military backgrounds are as diverse as our personalities and life experiences.  What we share in common is our faith in Christ, and a strong desire to know Him more intimately and to serve Him more faithfully.

The four of meet at my place from 6:30-8:00 a.m. on whatever day works for all of us.  Dawn provides a delicious breakfast, so we’re always off to an outstanding start (food always enhances fellowship!).  We begin by sharing our stories (backgrounds, life experiences, challenges, etc.) at the breakfast table, one at a time.  The honesty and transparency coming out of our story-telling time has been impressive and refreshing!  After breakfast, we gather in the living room to ask each other four questions that relate to a chapter in the particular book of the Bible we selected.  The depth of insight and intimacy that results from asking and answering the questions is amazing.  Our time together, which passes too quickly, always concludes with heartfelt prayers for one another based on what we shared in confidence.  It’s what I need.  Perhaps it’s what you need, too.

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  1. Phil Burgess says:

    What I like the most is your phrase: “We begin by sharing our stories (backgrounds, life experiences, challenges, etc.) at the breakfast table, one at a time.”

    While living in Austraila a few years back, I had a new experience. People didn’t ask, What do you do?” Instead, they asked, “What’s your story.”

    This question serves to remind us that is it not our “doing” (or “having”) that is important. It is who we are — our “being” — that’s important. By asking “What’s your story” or “sharing your story” we give others the opportunity to share who they ARE, not just what they DO or what they HAVE.

    As the poet, Muriel Rukeyser, says, “The Universe is made up of stories, not atoms.”

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