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Readson Reader – 1st Edition

Edward’s Big Accomplishment

My name is Edward.  I am one member of the Readson Family who is happy today due to the support I have received for my education over the past few years.  I would like to report that I finished my 4-year Plumbing program at college, so now I am a Plumber qualified for commercial and residential jobs.

It was a long journey with a lot of research and hard studying – a very hectic period.  But I thank God that he has seen me through all the way up to this date.  Thanks very much to all who have been part of my success, especially donors.  You are such wonderful people!  God has trusted that you stood with me during my trip of Academics.  It was not possible without you, and it is good news for me, because you gave me your time, resources, prayers and all kinds of support, so I say thanks again.  To me, thank you is a great prayer to you, and it is from my heart, so I repeat my thanks for your love and support along my way.

What I’ve acquired will help me work everywhere, both in government or privately without any problem when hired.  Malawi is rich in natural resources, and needs skilled people.  I believe change will follow with the support you have given me for this education.  God bless you.


I am done with my studies, but what is required now is for me to have tool books and a plumbing kit box.  This will help me to work without any challenge.  When I shall have such a box, I will have everything I need to fix anything concerning plumbing work.  So, by the grace of God I need that tool box, because without it I’m like a soldier who’s ready for the fight, but has no gun.


Cerebrate with me that I have been called for an internship program with the Government Statutory Blantyre Water Board. This is the big company that supplies water in Blantyre city.  I went through their interview, and out of many candidates only a few were picked.  I happen to be one of them, and will be doing a 6-month internship. Glory to Jesus!  If my performance impresses them, I might be hired there.  I start my internship on 14 January 2019.  Glory to Jesus!

So, I will be looking for help with transport and lunch for this period of 6 months, and appreciate any assistance.  Thank you again!

Submitted by Edward Readson

Christopher & Edward

Christopher (on the left) and Edward (on the right) are brothers-in-law, who live under the same roof with six other “extended” family members, to include Christopher’s sister (Mervis), Edward’s brother (Patrick), Patrick and Mervis’ two children (Joel & Esther), Patrick’s sister (Triza) and Mervis’ niece (Glory).  Did you get all that?  Yes, it’s a diverse collection of family members, but they are all deeply committed to the welfare and well being of one another.  Several years ago, Disciplers International, started Operation Education as a means to educate members of the Readson household.  What follows is a story written by Christopher about a useful seminar that he and Edward recently finished.  Both will complete their college degree programs very soon, and are excited about the future.  They invite you to share in their excitement by learning a little bit about what they learned:

We (Christopher and Edward) had an opportunity to attend a seminar that focused on how to present a good dissertation.  Learning how to convince an audience through lecture was a new and very helpful experience for the two of us.  We learned that there are two types of Dissertation Presentation:

1) MID-RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS – students present their dissertation work at mid point in their research.  These presentations are usually made to a panel comprised of various faculty members from your department. The purpose of mid-research presentations is to provide students with an opportunity to show their progress and identify any weak areas that need to be addressed.

2) ASSESSMENT PRESENTATIONS – students present dissertations as part of their overall assessment.  In this stage, instructors assess research projects of each student and test the level of scholarship demonstrated by each student.

We also tackled Dissertation research requirements, to include Broad Subject Area, Existing Relevant Studies, Methodology, Project Resources, Case Studies and Research Results.

Good grades are very important to us, so the session on HOW TO EARN A HIGH MARKS was especially useful.  Edward and I learned that high marks are earned when the following are practiced:
– Knowledge of the subject matter and good presentation skills (e.g. speaking clearly and concisely)
– Professional Behavior, to include staying calm and focused throughout the presentation

– Answering questions with objectivity and professionalism, and avoiding debates with listeners

– Referencing subject matter experts and scholars whose work supports that of the presenter
– Taking time.  Many students rush through their material and answer questions too quickly

Lastly, our instructors talked about the importance of being yourself when presenting, and not being afraid of the audience.  They said that presenters should never be shaken by the views of others, but have a courageous spirit, maintaining good eye contact at all times and remaining alert and ready to respond at all times.

It was an excellent learing experience for me and Edward, that will be useful to both of us in our career fields!

Submitted by Christopher Readson, Malawi, Africa

Patrick & Joseph

God gave Pharaoh the dream of 7 fat cows and 7 lean cows; then God gave Jacob’s son Joseph the interpretation: 7 agricultural bountiful years and 7 years of famine (Genesis 41). Pharaoh responded by giving Jacob the opportunity to create a plan for Egypt to survive the 7 years of famine. It is clear from this biblical narrative that Jehovah Jireh (God provides) prepositioned Joseph in Egypt to save the entire family of Israel, and to fulfill prophecies about the future enslavement and subsequent deliverance of his descendants. I see how God ultimately used everything that happened to Joseph for the good of a countless number of people.

Patrick’s dissertation for his Bachelor’s Degree in Community Development is the result of a research study about why community development projects are not succeeding in Malawi and other African nations. The problem his research revealed is called “allowance syndrome.” When government, non-government organizations (NGO’s), other organizations and individuals endeavor to improve the living environment in a certain area, they give money (“allowances”) to the local leaders. This is done to encourage them to attend meetings arranged for the discussion of improvement plans. These leaders, and others, are also given allowances as an incentive to participate in the improvement project itself. Patrick’s research has clearly revealed that those who receive allowances are less interested in the project itself, but more interested in the amount of incentive money they receive. The result is that projects intended to better communities fail and living conditions remain substandard.

Like Joseph, God has revealed to Patrick a problem that is hurting His people. I believe that, like Joseph, God is going to give Patrick wisdom to implement ways free of allowances to improve living conditions in Malawi, and perhaps other nations as well.

Generous contributions to Disciplers International have enabled Patrick to get a bachelor’s Degree in Community Development, which has given him both knowledge and wisdom to improve with help from God the lives of thousands, if not millions.

Submitted by Michael Weiss

Easter in Malawi

Since Disciplers International began supporting Patrick and Mervis Readson in Malawi almost three and a half years ago, the three small congregations they had planted at that time now number 25 churches spread over a large geographic area.  As you can imagine, in a poverty-stricken country like Malawi, funding for their annual Easter Conference is not possible without assistance.  Thanks to generous donors, the conference was a great success, as indicated by Patrick and Mervis in their story…

We would like to report about the precious Easter Conference in Mulanje, Malawi, which went well because of generous people involved with Disciplers International.  After fasting all week, we arrived at the location for our conference on Good Friday.  At midnight we started praying and waiting for people to arrive.  In all, 595 attended the conference, gathering from districts of Nsanje, Chikwaw, Phalombe, Mulanje, Thyolo and Blantyre in Malawi.  Most rode in vans and trucks of various sizes, but some walked long distances to be with us.  We even had 15 people traveling for 24 hours from our neighbor country of Mozambique.  Of the 25 churches we have started in various districts and two countries, members from 18 churches attended this important annual event.

Know Jesus was the title of our Easter Conference, and John 3:16 was the key verse.  Our focus was on the tribulations of our Lord Jesus Christ, and especially His resurrection on the third day.  Our hope was for people to know Jesus by receiving Him as their personal Savior, and to know what He went through for us to be saved. Salvation came to this world because Jesus died for us on the cross.

The conference went from Saturday through Sunday, and a big highlight was feasting on a bull, which we killed and prepared for a big meal.  The saints celebrated Jesus in bright colors and dancing with music.  We are very grateful for Disciplers International donors, who paid for the bull and all festivities.  The attendance was good, and the Holy Spirit was with us.

We say “Thank you Jesus” for a very successful Easter Conference this year, and we give Him the glory!  We also thank all who contribute to the mission work of Disciplers International, and we appreciate so much your faithful support of the ministry of Jesus here in Malawi.  Our Easter Conference could not have happened without your help – thank you and God bless you!

Submitted by Patrick & Mervis Readson

Whistle While You Work…

When I (Micheal Weiss, Disciplers International Mission Director) first met Edward over 5 years ago it was instantly obvious that he loved working with his hands and longed to be a plumber, or as it is pronounced in Malawi – Plum Ber.  Since our first meeting I’ve enjoyed hearing what he is learning, and had the opportunity on one occasion to go with him to his trade school.  If Edward knew the song “Whistle While You Work” he would be whistling all day long.  What follows is Edward’s account of his current experiences and future hopes…

My name is Edward Readson.  I was born in the family of 8 (6 girls, 2 boys), and am writing from Malawi in Africa to report about the school trip I had to Salima, where I was connecting pipes of different sizes as part of my four-year technical education to be a commercial plumber/pipe fitter.  It was a very practical experience, because each person was required to connect pipes without using notes, so what I had studied in the classroom was put to the test!

After I finish technical school in December this year, I plan to work with my brother, Patrick Readson, and brother-in-law, Christopher Nankhonya.  Disciplers International is funding their educations as well, along with other members of the Readson household.  Eight of us live under one roof, and we are committed to working and serving in business and ministry together.

This is all possible only because we are fully supported by those who donate to the ministries of Disciplers International.  I am blessed to have a couple from the U.S. providing my educational expenses and making sure that my studies are going well.  With their help, I have come a very long way since the first Disciplers in Action story – Edward the Plumber (to be!) – which was written about me in 2015!

I am very thankful to God and many His blessings, which have no limit or boundary.  My parents could not provide for my education, but God is making it happen through very generous donors and the mission work of Disciplers International.  I also thank my sister, Mervis Readson, who serves as “Madam Director” of Disciplers International in Malawi.  Mervis makes sure that each family member in school gets all the support needed, such as transportation, accommodations and counseling.  As leaders of the Readson household, both Patrick and Mervis are a big part of my success, because they provide the personal support I need to do my best in school.  Thanks to them; thanks to Disciplers International, and thanks especially to God!

Submitted by Edward Readson, Malawi, Africa

Patrick’s Vision for 2018 and beyond…

As we begin a new year, let us not take for granted the many opportunities we have in America to achieve our dreams by getting a good education that leads to good jobs and a bright future.  Such is not the case in many countries of the world, like Malawi, Africa.  What follows is the vision of Patrick Readson, a young man with tremendous potential, but very little opportunity until he connected with me (Bart Physioc) and Michael Weiss from an internet cafe six years ago.  Now, just months away from a college degree, thanks to donors and ministry initiatives of Disciplers International, Patrick has a Vision for 2018 and beyond….


I envision all children in Malawi receiving a good public education through High School, and many getting a higher level education, enabling our beautiful country to thrive rather than just barely survive. Few Malawians complete High School, and most only finish 6th grade due to poverty and lack of nearby schools.

My country is rich in resources, but one of the poorest nations in the world.  Innovation, change and a brighter future is only an education away, but this requires leadership and funding for all levels of education, both public and private.  80% of children in districts of Malawi do not have access to good education.  Parents don’t own cars, and schools don’t provide transportation.  All of this promotes poverty and a lack of development.  My vision includes assisting parents in their efforts to encourage children to work hard in school, and have hope for the future.  Education will abolish poverty when young people finish school, get good jobs and contribute to the development of my country.  We are poor today, but that does not mean we must remain poor.

I also want to work with those who can’t speak in their own defense concerning education, and also employment.  I will help people in villages improve their lives by using local materials and role models with different abilities to inspire children, and give them a desire for education.  Many parents do not encourage their children to go to school, so I will mobilize village chiefs and gate keepers to work together on this issue.

My major is in Community Development, because I want to do all I can to help my country develop and prosper.  When I finish my Bachelor’s Degree in in June 2018, I am going to help our government move our education system forward, so that every Malawian child can have the same opportunity for a bright future as I have been given.  I went to High School, and am now in College because others helped me. I want to help others as well.

May the good Lord bless you all,

Patrick Readson, Blantyre, Malawi

Christopher’s 3rd Year

I met Christopher in December 2014, when I visited Malawi with Michael Weiss, Mission Director of Disciplers International.  While there, I saw the great need for leadership in a country with tremendous potential, but few opportunities due to extreme poverty.  Christopher impressed me as a young man with a vision to better himself, his family, his city and his nation, but no means to get the education needed to make that vision a reality.  Thanks to the contributions of people with the means to help make Christopher’s dream come true, he is now in his third year of college, and looking forward to graduation next year.  Recently, Christopher and some fellow students took an offsite practicum to gain useful skills in his degree field of Business Administration.  He also had some fun on the trip.  Here’s his story….

My name is Christopher Praise Nankhonya.  I am the brother of Mervis Readson, and am writing from Malawi in Africa.  I would like to thank God for what he is doing to enable me to pursue my studies at Exploits University in Blantyre.  I am now in my 3rd year, first semester, and having a good experience studying Business Administration toward a Bachelor’s Degree.

I would like to extend my thanks to donors who are paying for my tuition, as well as those who are also contributing toward the education of my other family members here in Malawi.  Last semester I had an opportunity to take a trip to Lionde, where I saw what other organizations are doing in their administration work.  My experience on this trip provided me with practical skills that I will use after I graduate.  My vision is to have my own business, and employ people, who will support their families.

I recently took a trip for one week to Monk Bay at Venice Beach.  The chancellor of our school made an agreement with the students of other schools, and with directors and managers of companies.  They arranged this trip to share their ideas and knowledge.  For example, business owners were explaining how to open a company, the rules that must be followed when opening a company, how to come up with capital, and how much capital is required to open a company.  They also taught us how to come up with a plan, how to arrange the planning process, and how to come up with procedures in that plan.  We learned how to motivate employees, and to know that every employee has his or her own needs.  The directors and managers encouraged us to work hard and get good grades, so that we can be successful in a company or organization.

We also had time for fun on this trip, which was great!  School is difficult and requires a lot of attention and hard work, but our chancellor knows that students need to relax, so they found a good place to have some fun.  We swam in the late, played netball, and enjoyed a wonderful time playing football.  It was a fantastic experience in every way.  Thanks so much to all donors for your support and help in making this trip possible.  Only God can pay you back.  I thank God for having you as a part of my family.  May God bless you more and more and more again!

Submitted by Christopher Praise Nankhonya

Reproduce & Multiply

In June 2015 Disciplers International posted a story entitled, CONGO CONNECTION, featuring “Brother Flavien” from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  I had just finished taking Flavien through the 8-Step Discipling Process.  It was a tremendous experience for me, and an enlightening experience for Flavien, who said this after completing The Process: “When I was saved I became a new creature in Christ, but after going through the 8-Step Discipleship Process I became a renewed creature by practicing the 5 Spiritual Disciplines.  My desire is to reproduce the 8-Step Process by discipling faithful men throughout the DR Congo, who will disciple others.  I am also using the steps in my sermons.”  Since then, Flavien has translated the 8-Steps into French, along with other discipleship materials.  He has also been actively involved in reproducing this ministry in more ways than one…

In Genesis, God told Adam to do three things: (1) subdue the earth; (2) rule the earth; (3) fill the earth.  Jesus amplifies #3 when He sends 12 apostles to spiritually reproduce and multiply men and women, who will “go and make disciples of all nations,” according to His Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).  Flavien is doing both (Reproduce & Multiply) in his part of the DRC.  With his natural family in view, last week Jimmy-James became Flavien and Naomi’s second child (brother to his sister, Maria), so we rejoice with them in the gift of new life God has given, and we are grateful for the opportunity God has given Disciplers International to help support this family in the birth of their son.

Meanwhile, Flavien continues to reproduce and multiply followers of Jesus, his ever-increasing spiritual family.  I meet with Flavien every week for two hours via Skype to coach him in his own walk with Jesus and oversight of 18 disciples in Goma, DRC.  Five months ago, Flavien invited willing Christians to read the Gospel of John (one chapter each week, and the chapter of the week at least once a day).  Since he started, 18 men have gone through their first reading of John’s Gospel.  These faithful men are now going through that gospel a second time with Matthew 28:18-20 in mind, and writing down every command that Jesus gives as they go.

Jesus defines eternal life as knowing Father and Son (John 17:3), so this time, these men are getting to know Father and Son better, while putting into practice all that Jesus wants them to do.  During their journey, I will share how Flavien and his fellow disciples are getting to know both the Father and the Son better, and how their faithfulness to His commands is transforming their lives and impacting the lives of others.

Submitted by Michael Weiss

If you build it, He will come

The movie, “Field of Dreams,” opens with a farmer from Iowa talking about his father, who had been a devoted baseball fan.  While walking through his cornfield one evening, the farmer hears a voice whisper, “If you build it, he will come.”  After hearing the voice say the same thing over and over, he finally sees a vision of a baseball diamond in his field.  If you don’t know the rest of the story, watch the movie.  What follows is a somewhat similar story.  Although the time, place and purpose are different, the sense of call and faith in action that follows are much the same.  In this case, the faithful might be hearing God say, “If you built it, He will come.”

In December of 2014 I visited Patrick and Mervis Readson in Malawi.  Michael Weiss, Mission Director for Disciplers International, was with me and, although he had been discipling Patrick via Skype for about two years, this was Michael’s first time in country, too.  Our hearts were moved by the faith and commitment of this godly couple, who were not only pastoring a growing church, but raising two children of their own, and also accommodating several extended family members in their tiny rental property.  Malawi is a very poor country, so the Readson’s were doing this on their own with almost no income.  Michael and I sensed God leading us to invest in their future by providing the training and resources necessary to reach their God-given potential and to realize their own “field of dreams.”  The result has been Operation Education and Operation Employment.  In the midst of the operations Michael and I put in place, Patrick and Mervis continued to dream of having suitable property to build a church / community center and a primary school.

Mervis is a very sharp and resourceful woman.  Besides managing the Readson household, Mervis also serves as Madam Director for DI Malawi and takes a lead role in the church she and Patrick started several years ago.  Their vision to have a joint facility for worship services and community activities is complemented by her vision to manage a primary school for children from poor households.  Without any outside assistance, Mervis and Patrick have been able to secure a loan from a community bank in Malawi at 0% interest, with the first payment not due for five years.  The bank is providing this great deal, because it wants to see the community develop for the better.  Right after securing the loan, Mervis and Patrick purchased the property they had been dreaming about for some time.  Then, using free labor in the form of church members, they constructed the walls of the primary structure, which will serve as a church/community center for multiple purposes.  The bricks were formed and fired by hand on site, and now the structure is ready for a roof.  With loan money (about $5000) already expended in the property and brick construction, Mervis now seeks additional financial support in the form of grant money to get the roof on before the rainy season.  A little bit goes a long way in Malawi, so if you want to be part of this “field of dreams,” please let me know, and I will respond.

Submitted by Bart Physioc