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Edward’s Big Accomplishment

My name is Edward.  I am one member of the Readson Family who is happy today due to the support I have received for my education over the past few years.  I would like to report that I finished my 4-year Plumbing program at college, so now I am a Plumber qualified for commercial and residential jobs.

It was a long journey with a lot of research and hard studying – a very hectic period.  But I thank God that he has seen me through all the way up to this date.  Thanks very much to all who have been part of my success, especially donors.  You are such wonderful people!  God has trusted that you stood with me during my trip of Academics.  It was not possible without you, and it is good news for me, because you gave me your time, resources, prayers and all kinds of support, so I say thanks again.  To me, thank you is a great prayer to you, and it is from my heart, so I repeat my thanks for your love and support along my way.

What I’ve acquired will help me work everywhere, both in government or privately without any problem when hired.  Malawi is rich in natural resources, and needs skilled people.  I believe change will follow with the support you have given me for this education.  God bless you.


I am done with my studies, but what is required now is for me to have tool books and a plumbing kit box.  This will help me to work without any challenge.  When I shall have such a box, I will have everything I need to fix anything concerning plumbing work.  So, by the grace of God I need that tool box, because without it I’m like a soldier who’s ready for the fight, but has no gun.


Cerebrate with me that I have been called for an internship program with the Government Statutory Blantyre Water Board. This is the big company that supplies water in Blantyre city.  I went through their interview, and out of many candidates only a few were picked.  I happen to be one of them, and will be doing a 6-month internship. Glory to Jesus!  If my performance impresses them, I might be hired there.  I start my internship on 14 January 2019.  Glory to Jesus!

So, I will be looking for help with transport and lunch for this period of 6 months, and appreciate any assistance.  Thank you again!

Submitted by Edward Readson

Christopher & Edward

Christopher (on the left) and Edward (on the right) are brothers-in-law, who live under the same roof with six other “extended” family members, to include Christopher’s sister (Mervis), Edward’s brother (Patrick), Patrick and Mervis’ two children (Joel & Esther), Patrick’s sister (Triza) and Mervis’ niece (Glory).  Did you get all that?  Yes, it’s a diverse collection of family members, but they are all deeply committed to the welfare and well being of one another.  Several years ago, Disciplers International, started Operation Education as a means to educate members of the Readson household.  What follows is a story written by Christopher about a useful seminar that he and Edward recently finished.  Both will complete their college degree programs very soon, and are excited about the future.  They invite you to share in their excitement by learning a little bit about what they learned:

We (Christopher and Edward) had an opportunity to attend a seminar that focused on how to present a good dissertation.  Learning how to convince an audience through lecture was a new and very helpful experience for the two of us.  We learned that there are two types of Dissertation Presentation:

1) MID-RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS – students present their dissertation work at mid point in their research.  These presentations are usually made to a panel comprised of various faculty members from your department. The purpose of mid-research presentations is to provide students with an opportunity to show their progress and identify any weak areas that need to be addressed.

2) ASSESSMENT PRESENTATIONS – students present dissertations as part of their overall assessment.  In this stage, instructors assess research projects of each student and test the level of scholarship demonstrated by each student.

We also tackled Dissertation research requirements, to include Broad Subject Area, Existing Relevant Studies, Methodology, Project Resources, Case Studies and Research Results.

Good grades are very important to us, so the session on HOW TO EARN A HIGH MARKS was especially useful.  Edward and I learned that high marks are earned when the following are practiced:
– Knowledge of the subject matter and good presentation skills (e.g. speaking clearly and concisely)
– Professional Behavior, to include staying calm and focused throughout the presentation

– Answering questions with objectivity and professionalism, and avoiding debates with listeners

– Referencing subject matter experts and scholars whose work supports that of the presenter
– Taking time.  Many students rush through their material and answer questions too quickly

Lastly, our instructors talked about the importance of being yourself when presenting, and not being afraid of the audience.  They said that presenters should never be shaken by the views of others, but have a courageous spirit, maintaining good eye contact at all times and remaining alert and ready to respond at all times.

It was an excellent learing experience for me and Edward, that will be useful to both of us in our career fields!

Submitted by Christopher Readson, Malawi, Africa

Edward the Plumber (to be!)

EdwardWhen I met Edward in Malawi, he had just started his training at a technical school to become a commercial plumber.  Thanks to financial assistance from a private donor, Edward was on a pathway to a bright future in a country of high unemployment, or so I thought.  About six months later, while raising support for his brother, Patrick, to start college, I asked how Edward was doing.  This is how the Skype conversation went, with me asking questions, and Patrick giving answers.  B: “So, how are things going for Edward at Soche Technical School?” P: “He did very well last semester, but was told that he can’t continue this semester.” B: “Why not?” P: “Because he hasn’t paid the tuition expense.” B: “If someone is paying for Edward’s education, what’s the problem?” P: “The donor committed to pay for just one semester.” B: “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” P: long pause…  B: “Well, that doesn’t matter now; here’s what I want you to do.  Have Edward return to school, and inform the administration that his tuition will be paid immediately.” Here’s how it happened, and why…

Edward 2First, my reason why: I hate red tape, because it often tangles up what needs to be done and can be done quickly and efficiently.  I realize that some red tape is necessary to run big business programs, but not much, if any, is needed for grass-roots, “make-it-happen-now” enterprises, like Disciplers International Inc.  So, when I learned that Edward had no funding for his second semester, which was already underway, I felt the need to act immediately (yes, sometimes I act on my feelings).  The suddenness of my decision would not have happened if I knew Edward’s situation, but the fact is, Patrick did not want me to feel responsible for his brother’s education.  I appreciate people, who are not always asking for help, but doing the best with what they have.  Patrick and his family members are that way.  So, when a need arises, I am all the more interested in doing what I can for them.  With regard to Edward, I didn’t want him to miss a day of school, so I simply made the decision on the spot.  Since I am involved raising support for other members of the Readson household to get a good education, it is only right that I practice what I preach.  When I shared the need with Dawn, she immediately responded by saying, “Let’s do it!”   So, we did it by become sponsors, not only for Edward, but Christopher, too.

EdwardI asked Edward to share some of his story with you, so what follows is in his own words…I was born Dec 12, 1994 into a family of eight children, and grew up in a small, rural village.  Now I live with my elder brother, Patrick, his wife, their two children and three other family members.  Our parents encouraged us to do well in school, but the quality of education in the public schools of Malawi is very low.  Unfortunately, they could not afford to pay for our education beyond the primary level, Thankfully, Patrick found a way to pay for my last two years of high school.  Without help from my brother, I would not have finished.  My interests include helping my family and community, leading children’s choir at church, singing and sports.  I would like to work as plumber to benefit my nation.  Malawi is full of resources, but we lack skills to use them.  People are dying due to the lack of clean water, and they must walk long distances to fetch water.  I thank God for the opportunity to attend school in this field now, and am thankful to the family in America, who provided all I need to complete my first year of Plumbing Trade School.

Submitted by Bart Physioc

Whistle While You Work…

When I (Micheal Weiss, Disciplers International Mission Director) first met Edward over 5 years ago it was instantly obvious that he loved working with his hands and longed to be a plumber, or as it is pronounced in Malawi – Plum Ber.  Since our first meeting I’ve enjoyed hearing what he is learning, and had the opportunity on one occasion to go with him to his trade school.  If Edward knew the song “Whistle While You Work” he would be whistling all day long.  What follows is Edward’s account of his current experiences and future hopes…

My name is Edward Readson.  I was born in the family of 8 (6 girls, 2 boys), and am writing from Malawi in Africa to report about the school trip I had to Salima, where I was connecting pipes of different sizes as part of my four-year technical education to be a commercial plumber/pipe fitter.  It was a very practical experience, because each person was required to connect pipes without using notes, so what I had studied in the classroom was put to the test!

After I finish technical school in December this year, I plan to work with my brother, Patrick Readson, and brother-in-law, Christopher Nankhonya.  Disciplers International is funding their educations as well, along with other members of the Readson household.  Eight of us live under one roof, and we are committed to working and serving in business and ministry together.

This is all possible only because we are fully supported by those who donate to the ministries of Disciplers International.  I am blessed to have a couple from the U.S. providing my educational expenses and making sure that my studies are going well.  With their help, I have come a very long way since the first Disciplers in Action story – Edward the Plumber (to be!) – which was written about me in 2015!

I am very thankful to God and many His blessings, which have no limit or boundary.  My parents could not provide for my education, but God is making it happen through very generous donors and the mission work of Disciplers International.  I also thank my sister, Mervis Readson, who serves as “Madam Director” of Disciplers International in Malawi.  Mervis makes sure that each family member in school gets all the support needed, such as transportation, accommodations and counseling.  As leaders of the Readson household, both Patrick and Mervis are a big part of my success, because they provide the personal support I need to do my best in school.  Thanks to them; thanks to Disciplers International, and thanks especially to God!

Submitted by Edward Readson, Malawi, Africa

It’s all about WATER

Did you know…

– 1.7 million Malawians don’t have safe water.

– Under 10% don’t have running water.

– 10 million don’t have adequate sanitation.

– 20% living in rural areas don’t have a toilet.

– Over 1,700 children die every year from diarrhea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation in Malawi.

During a drought, young girls and women in Malawi can spend up to 8 hours a day fetching just 5 gallons of water.

Did you know …

When a community gains access to clean water, child mortality rate drops by half.

Meet Edward: The Plumber

Greetings!  My name is Edward Readson from Malawi in Africa.  I thank Disciplers International for making it possible for me to attend school at Soche Technical Collage, in Blantyre, Malawi, so I can become a Certified Plumber.  I am currently in Grade 1, and will be finishing next year, earning my degree in Plumbing.  The past two years have been wonderful because I have passed all my classes.  I see this as evidence of the green pastures the Lord is leading me into.  The Bible says in Matthew 7:7: “Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened for you.”  I sought the Lord for a way to fulfill my dream of becoming a plumber, and the door opened for me with the help of Disciplers International.

Right now I am learning about water pumps and heating systems. This includes how to pump water from rivers and dams to send it to people’s homes and fields, and how to heat water in homes, hotels and businesses so people can enjoy hot and cold water.  This is good experience for me when I finish my studies.  After graduating, I hope to be part of developing our nation, as a plumber.  Combining our skills and education, Patrick and Christopher and I, working together, hope to make an even greater impact for the good of the Malawian people.  We have hope for a better Malawi, thanks to Disciplers International.

My thanks to Bart and Dawn for their support in helping me become a plumber.  This is a life changing sacrifice, and I give all honor and glory to God.  The seed you are sowing in my life today will grow into an oak tree in the future.  Thanks so much!

Submitted by Edward Readson – Blantyre, Malawi

Why We Do It

Christopher 2“Operation Education” began when Disciplers International made a commitment to fund the first semester of college for Patrick Readson in Blantyre, Malawi.  Patrick, and six members of his household now have sponsors providing the means for each one of them to receive a quality education leading to bright futures.  Dawn and I are sponsoring Christopher and Edward.  What follows is a thank you letter from Christopher, unedited (English is his second language).  He prefers to address us as Mum & Dad, and we’re touched by what Christopher wrote.  I think you’ll be touched, too.  It’s why we do what we do…

I am Christopher Nankhonya from Malawi.  I am 22 years old, I born in a family of eight children, and I am a last born.  I stay with Mervis and Patrick as my guardian.  Mervis is my sister while Patrick is her husband.  So Mervis and Patrick was the one helping me by providing school fees at secondary level.  I finish secondary school level in 2013. Then I wait for the results, the good thing was that I passed, I was happy together with Mervis and Patrick and the whole Family.  The next thing to happen after the results is to continue my studies at university level, but Mervis and Patrick could not help me to continue because of lack of money. I feel pain when I see my friends continue their studies while I was just staying home, but helping Mervis and Patrick’s Children, carrying them going and back from school.  Most of the time I was just crying because I was not able to see a bright future for me.  But although I was thinking about many things, I was praying to God to change my situation.

Christopher 1It was last year (2014), that you Dad (Bart) and Michael came here to see Patrick and Mervis. When you come, you met me and ask me what I was doing, what I want to study. When you hear my story, you were touched and interested, then you said to me that you will see what you can do, and also you say that I must wait until it is okay with you, then I answer, okay Dad. The day you were leaving here in Malawi, you also say the same words that I must wait, and then I answer you, okay Dad. The next time you repeat that words, I started thinking that you are serious because the first time I was thinking that you was joking.  This year (2015), one day Patrick say to me that tomorrow, Mervis will be looking for your school, when I hear that, I was thinking he was joking, then Mervis send names of those school to you.  Then you answer that I must be ready to come back to school, I tell Patrick that you and Mervis, you are joking, then they say we are not joking, we are serious just be ready, I said okay I will be waiting. Then time comes closer to start school, Mervis say you must apply for a place. When I apply they offered me a place. When I hear this, I was so happy, until I start school up to now. It was indeed a Miracle because it was not what I was expecting.

I am studying Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at Exploits University. I learn five subjects, as follows: Business Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Micro Economics, Communication studies and HIV/Aids. My favorite subject is Business Mathematics. My life at school is good, and I am enjoying.  My performance at school is good, I pass with good grades, and almost every one at my class fears me.  My life now is good, the crying, the sadness, and the hopelessness now it’s over. I spend most of my time reading and writing the assignment.  My Goal when I finish school is to open my own company, so that I can provide jobs to my fellow Malawians.

To you Mum and Dad. I am thanking you all for your support, care and your love.  Is not easy to help someone who is not your relative, and also who is from a foreign country. Dad and Mum I am proud of you.  May God bless you more, gave you power to conquer your enemy, be always on your side, and gave you long life so that you can see my fruits I am going to bear when I finish school. Please Dad and Mum continue doing this to other people also.  I was nothing before, but because of your help, I am someone respectful now.  Dad and Mum you changed my history, I love you, and I will keep loving you.

Submitted by Christopher Nankhonya

Back to MALAWI

Michael and KidsLast year I spent a week in Malawi, Africa, with my dear friend and ministry colleague, Michael Weiss.  It was a life-changing experience for the two of us, and I think for the Readson household also.  After meeting personally with Patrick Readson via Skype and discipling him from afar for over two years, Michael and I took the next step by visiting “Pastor Patrick,” his family and congregation.  During our visit the vision of Operation Education was born, with the initial goal of providing a quality education for each member of the household with Mervis (Patrick’s wife) directing the program.  Quite a lot has happened since then, to include another trip to Africa by Michael to see the Readsons and to assess Operation Education.  This story is all about his experience

First of all, it is worth noting that Michael’s trip to Africa also involved stops in Uganda and Kenya to consider opportunities for collaborative ministry endeavors with IAEC (International Association of Evangelical Chaplains) to assist MCF (Military Christian Fellowship) leaders in those countries.  Michael also stopped in Rwanda to see Pastor Herbo and Evangelist Flavian, who traveled four hours from DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) to spend the day with him.  You can read a previous Disciplers in Action story about Herbo and Flavian at  So, by the time Michael arrived in Malawi, he had already spent a very full and profitable two weeks in Africa.

PatrickMichael’s week in Malawi was not only to assess the development of Operation Education, but especially to connect with each member of the Readson household personally, for all eight have become dear friends to both of us.  Sadly, Mervis’ grandmother passed away the night before Michael arrived, so he went with Mervis and Patrick to their home village to pay respect.  Michael was asked to offer prayer, which was an honor for him, and a blessing for the family.  He also had an opportunity to preach at several worship services and provide Bibles as needed.

EdwardWith regard to Operation Education, Michael visited all the schools that members of the Readson household are now attending or hope to attend.  I am pleased to report that Patrick just started his second semester at Blantyre International University, where he is pursuing a degree in Community Development; Edward (Patrick’s brother) is now in his second semester at Soche Technical College, where he is learning to be a commercial plumber; and Christopher (Mervis’ brother) begins his college education on July 18th at Exploits University, where he will pursue a degree in business.  Triza (Patrick’s sister), who just finished secondary school, will start attending a college for nursing soon.  These particular family members are very grateful to sponsors who are funding their educations through Disciplers International Inc.

ChristpherOperation Education is also actively involved in coordinating a sponsorship program that provides primary level education as well.  Three children in the Readson household (Glory: 5th grade; Joel: 4th grade; Esther: preschool) have sponsors, but there is a great need for others to have the same opportunity.  If you are interested in helping a child in a poor country get a quality education that makes possible a bright future, please contact me at

Submitted by Bart Physioc


Mervis ReadsonMervis Readson is someone you would like immediately.  Besides being a very nice person, Mervis is a devoted wife and mother with a sharp mind, a quick wit and an innate ability to manage people and programs.  Just before leaving Malawi, I asked Mervis to share with me her dream for the future.  I was impressed by what she said then, and by how her vision has developed since then.   I think you will be impressed, too.  From Mervis….

I want to offer a promising future to children in Malawi by providing them with quality education.  Many Malawians do not know how to read or write, which is a big reason why my country remains poor.  Children living in villages are most affected by the terrible effects of HIV/AIDS, malaria and poor sanitation.  Many others have been orphaned or have parents who cannot properly care for them due to illness or unemployment.  The standard of education for government schools in Malawi is very low.  Private schools provide a high standard, but few can go because they cannot afford tuition.  In my vision, I want to find ways to offer private primary education to families in need at the lowest possible cost.  But that’s not all…

I also want to help Malawians develop entrepreneurial skills, provide them with some capital, and help them start small-scale businesses that meet their needs, and family needs also.Mervis and Me

Since my week-long visit to Malawi last year, I have been meeting each week via Skype with Mervis and her husband, Patrick.  Besides taking both of them through the 8-Step Discipling Process offered by Disciplers International Inc.  I have spent much time with Mervis talking about how to make her dream a reality.  Operation Education is the result of our conversations, and we are excited to see how this ministry is already addressing needs.  However, good programs can only succeed with good leadership, so I needed to appoint a capable leader to manage Operation Education in Malawi.  Without hesitation, I chose Mervis to manage this ministry under my direct supervision, and to come up with a title on her own, which she did immediately and very enthusiastically – Madam Director of Operation Education, Malawi.  Perfect, don’t you think?

Mervis and FamilyWhat follows is some background information about Mervis, in her own words…. I am 32 years old, the fourth daughter in a family of seven children.  I attended Primary School in my home village and High School in Phalombe.  My father is with Jesus and my mother is living with HIV/AIDS; she is on treatment receiving ARVS.  I am born-again, having received Jesus as my personal Savior in 1997 when I was attending Primary School – Class 5.  Since then I have been an active and dedicated Christian, who loves to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am happily married to Pastor Patrick Readson, who loves me a lot.  We are blessed with two beautiful children: a girl (Esther) and a boy (Joel).   In addition to my two lovely children, four other relatives live in my house: sister-in-law (Triza); brother-in-law (Edward), brother (Christopher); my sister’s daughter (Gloria), whose mother passed away in 2006.  I enjoy being a pastor’s wife who works hand-in-hand with my husband.  I preach, teach Sunday school and lead the women’s choir.  I love Jesus because He first loved me.

Submitted by Bart Physioc

Operation Education

ClassroomWhile visiting Malawi, Africa, last year, I became keenly aware of a need that I have taken for granted my entire life – Quality Education.  The situation: Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, with a very low standard of education in its public school system.  Private schools and colleges offer a high standard of education, but few can attend because they cannot afford tuition fees.

My purpose for going to Malawi in the first place was to meet Patrick Readson and his family.  Patrick contacted my non-profit organization, Disciplers International Inc., with a request for training.  Over the next two years, my associate, Michael Weiss, provided discipleship training via the internet.  In conjunction with a military ministry conference in South Africa, Michael and I decided to spend a week with the Readsons in Malawi.  In short, it was a life-changing experience, not only for the two of us, but I think for the extended Readson family as well.  Here’s what we discovered…

Patrick & MervisPatrick, who graduated at the top of his class in secondary school and whose application to attend college was approved, cannot afford to continue his education.  Patrick pastors a local church, and does his best to support a large household (wife, two small children, brother, sister, brother-in-law and niece), but he does not have the means to get ahead in life, nor to help his family get ahead.  When I became aware of the situation, and the opportunity to help, I recommended to my Board of Directors that we fund Patrick’s first semester of college.  The board approved my request unanimously.  Since then, a private donor has pledged to cover his second semester tuition.  This is just the beginning…

Shortly after returning home from Africa, I learned that Patrick’s brother, Edward, who received a private donation to start trade school, did not have funds to continue on.  In order to keep Edward in school, my wife and I immediately covered the cost for his second semester.  Meanwhile, Michael Weiss and his wife have been funding the private educations of Patrick’s two children and sister.  It is worth noting that it does not cost much in U.S. dollars to pay for a private education in Malawi.  As I see it, we are involved in a “low investment, high return” operation that is making a big difference in the lives of a few people now, but has the potential to make a huge difference in the future.  This is my vision…

ReadsonsOperation Education – Begin by providing the members of one family in Blantyre, Malawi, with educational scholarships through private donations that pay for tuition, text books, supplies, lunches and transportation costs.  Repeat the process with other families in Blantyre, and then beyond to those living in communities throughout Malawi.

My intent is to match willing donors with individuals in need of quality education, beginning with members of the Readson family.  If you want to be part of this endeavor, or want more information, please contact me at  Disciplers International Inc. is committed to educating and equipping people, not only to become disciplers for Christ, but also to be effective leaders in their homes, workplaces and communities.  This is what Operation Education is all about.

Submitted by Bart Physioc